Hydraulic Press Machine for Stretch Draw Forming

Hydraulic Press Machine for Stretch Draw Forming

Deep drawing is one of the popular forming technique used in a vast range of industries. The technique involves the use of metal dies to transform a blank or metallic sheet or work-piece into the desired shape. The forming technique is usually used for the forming of open hollow thin-walled parts. It widely used for manufacturing open hollow parts of various shapes including cylindrical, spherical, box-shaped, stepped, tapered, as well as irregular-shaped parts.

The process of deep draw forming starts with the creation of metal blanks. The blanks are formed by a pressing machine, which uses specially designed molds to cut the metal sheet in the required and size. For metal sheets form efficiently, the blanks may be placed on the reel. In each step of the deep drawing process, the metal blanks are shaped through the application of pressure by the metal die.

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Hydraulic Press Machine for Stretch Draw Forming
Deep drawing is usually performed on the anti-wrinkle platen to prevent the issue of wrinkling, cracking or fracturing when forming these parts. This platen works by preventing the raised edges of the parts being manufactured when drawing. However, the choice of the deep drawing machine is a crucial factor to consider. Whether you are using hydraulic drawing press machine for deep drawing, get the best quality in the market.

But deep drawing can be a bit complicated process. So you need to get everything right to get the desired product. There are two main factors that you need to consider: Material selection and lubricant selection. For material selection, you need to consider the tensile properties of the metal sheet. This is a crucial factor as it determines that the tonnage or pressure applied. For the lubricant, get an oil film that prevents scratches and reduced friction. The oil should be removed efficiently after completing the operation.

There are numerous benefits of deep drawing that makes it popular over similar manufacturing processes in the forming industry. One of the biggest benefits is high volume production. The technique works great when you want to produce large volumes of identical metallic products. That means using the same metallic materials, size and shape. Once you have created tooling and dies and then the drawing machine set, then you can produce thousands of parts with little downtime and upkeep.

The cost of manufacturing parts with deep drawing is significantly low compared to similar processes. Even when producing in small volumes, this forming technique will still be more cost-effective. When it comes to the strength of the products, this technique offers the best features. You will have stronger parts and minimal weight. These are just some of the benefits that make deep drawing a better alternative.

Deep drawing technique work on a vast range of metals to manufacture all shapes of open hollow thin-walled parts. The technique can work both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Some of the metals that can be used for to manufacture products through deep drawing include aluminum, brass, bronze, cold-rolled steel, copper, invar, iron, Kovar, molybdenum, nickel, silver, stainless steel, tungsten and their alloys.

Stretch Draw Forming
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